I got into the Master’s Program at Georgia Tech!

So, no reason to bury the lede: yesterday I received my acceptance to the Masters of Science in Computer Science program at Georgia Tech. After 24 hours, I sent in my acceptance, so I'm starting the program in Spring 2023. A very special thanks to my friends and colleagues James Walker, Ward Cunningham and Harry … Continue reading I got into the Master’s Program at Georgia Tech!


I picked some blueberries from the bushes in our backyard in Melbourne. I bought about 10x more at the farmer's market. Squished em and sugared them and jammed em and canned em. We'll be glad we have this captured summer flavour come the dark days of February.

Leaving Montreal

Feels like I just got here. We got home from London on Wednesday. Today, I'm off to Costa Rica for a world-wide all-hands meeting for OpenEarth. And, yes, we're aware of the high carbon cost of air travel and determined to use this time wisely to better build digital infrastructure for the climate emergency.