Master’s Degree in Computer Science

I'm currently applying for a master's degree in computer science (MSCS). I thought I might share my experience here for other people in the same boat as me. My boat is that I'm a mid-career software developer and engineering manager. I have mostly worked in startups, where professional experience is often most important, but I … Continue reading Master’s Degree in Computer Science


Today, April 3, is Brother Marie-Victorin Kirouac's birthday. Here in Quebec, Marie-Victorin's name is almost synonymous with botany. I often drive past multiple Parcs Marie-Victorin in my weekly travels. Marie-Victorin was born Conrad Kirouac in 1885 in Kingsey Falls, Quebec. He was educated by and later joined the FrΓ¨res des Γ©coles chrΓ©tiennes, a Catholic religious … Continue reading Marie-Victorin