Outfits poll

Going nude for any length of time on purpose counts as an “outfit” for the purposes of this poll. If you are a full-time naturist, choose “One (1)”.

Feel free to share your typical outfit schedule in the comments.

If your bank use this as one of the security questions for password recovery, please skip this poll.

2 thoughts on “Outfits poll

  1. I said three:

    – one regular work-at-home outfit
    – one workout outfit for running or lifting weights
    – pajamas or sweatpants for sleeping

    On occasion, I’ll change into going-out clothes in the evening, so maybe 3.05 would be more accurate.

  2. I said 3 but then read comments and realised most days it is likely an average of 4 (forgot to count wetsuit/swimsuit as an outfit!) I start with my “day pjs” then into the wetsuit/swimsuit if I paddle, then it’s casual for errands, smart casual or cocktail attire if I go out then loungewear for at home meals/tidying/virtual meetings/watching TV, etc… I never really thought about it until a guest staying over questioned how many times a day I change outfits.

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