Cornbread recipe

I made chili last night, and I wanted to make cornbread to go with it. I did what I usually do when I don’t have a personal or family recipe at hand: I looked one up on Wikibooks Cookbook.

I like this cookbook because it has a lot of simple, easy recipes. They’re updated and edited by people who use the recipes, and they are succinct and to the point.

In this case, the main Cornbread recipe was actually unusual: it used yeast, which is atypical for Southern US cornbreads. I read over the talk page and realised other people found it strange. So I moved the recipe to a more specific name, yeast cornbread, and found a better recipe to make the default cornbread.

The canonical cornbread

After I’d finished baking, I took a picture and uploaded it to Wikimedia Commons. I added the photo to the cornbread recipe to show how it turns out.

I love being able to feedback what I learn to the rest of the world when I’m cooking. And the cornbread came out great.

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