Quebec Native Plants at Loblaws Garden Centre

I heard about the In The Zone programme last year and I’ve been really intrigued since. It’s a partnership between the World Wildlife Fund and Loblaws group to make native plants more available to everyday gardeners in Ontario and Québec.

I found out last week that there are Loblaws garden centres participating in the In The Zone programme in Montreal. Since I think it’s important to plant native plants, I wanted to support the effort. The store in the old Angus Yards is near our house, so I went down to look around this morning.

Native perennials aisle

It was great! There were about a dozen species of native perennials. I was able to find five of the plants that were still on my hit list. Having some plants, rather than seeds, means our garden can get a head start on the season.

“Your Zone. This native plant helps local species.”

The plants are pricey but I’m glad I got a chance to buy them. I hope this program continues to grow. I would love to see some trees and bushes included.

Thanks to WWF and Loblaws for taking this initiative!

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