Help us Start A Co-op Mastodon Server for Canada

I am part of a group trying to start Canadian member-run cooperative to run Mastodon servers in Canada.

Similar to but Canadian. We’re calling it Here’s how it will work, we think.

– 1 co-op membership gets you 1 Mastodon account with guaranteed allowances (file uploads, API use, toots per day, etc.) plus a co-op vote

– has local servers per city or neighbourhood, but membership is national

– run a first emergency server nationally to catch the next wave of Twitter migration

– Member run, nobody gets paid for now

– CAD$5/month membership fee

We need:

– Diverse voices, especially women and nonbinary, 2SLGTBQIA+, Black, Indigenous, francophone. Initial people to be directors/incorporators. Able and willing to do the hard work of helping a group remember to make a social web that is welcoming to everyone in Canada from the get-go.

If that sounds like you, please let me know at evan -at- prodromou -dot- name.

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