Reorganizing my social presence

I’ve been feeling uncomfortable with how I’ve been managing my social presence over the last few years. I’ve been having problems with sleep, which I think are readily attributable to my usage of social networks. I’m a passionate doomscroller, looping between social platforms to reload over and over again, hoping for a hit of dopamine from connection or outrage.

I am trying to dial that back. My plan is to follow a POSSE strategy, publishing mostly to my own site, and then syndicating those updates on other platforms.

It’s a little complicated in that I have a lot that I share that’s private. In particular, I don’t usually share pictures of my kids or their friends publicly, although I will with an opt-in group of family and friends.

So here’s my plan:

  • Publish public text and data here on via WordPress, and syndicate it to places I put public stuff, like Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook in public mode.
  • Publish private text and data on, and syndicate it to private channels like my private Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

We’ll see how it works. WordPress doesn’t syndicate very well to other platforms; it usually just shares a link, and not the text or media. I’ll see what I can do to fix that.

3 thoughts on “Reorganizing my social presence

  1. As far as I can tell posting into Instagram is now impossible. So I’ve given up on it.

    There _may_ be some way to have a business account but I got stuck and gave up.

    Let me know if you figure something out!

  2. POSSE strategy is something I wish many would do more (myself included). It just forces us to take the time to think things through more than most reaction quick take platforms. I’ve definitely consciously stepped back from social posting, not for exactly the same reasons. For me its the content highlighting, I’m guilty of it and very often these days step back halfway into an update. Anyways, we need to hang since we’re practically neighbours now.

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